Super Duper Socks wants to make awesome socks for awesome people!

It is basically that simple! No magic! No tricks!

We genuinely loves colorful socks, crazy socks with patterns and socks with stripes or polkadots. We love and admire Happy Socks from Sweden. We think the guys over at Foot Cardigan in the USA is pretty awesome too!

We genuinely believe that the world would be an itsy bitsy tiny weenie (yellow polkadot bikini) better place if everyone started their day by putting on a pair of Super Duper Socks – or any pair of crazy socks for that matter!

Since it has been scientifically proven that fresh colors affects the brain positively and that black affects negatively – why would you wear black socks? (Seriously, I just made that up, but it sounded cool!).

The idea to start Super Duper Socks came to the founder in early 2015 (read the full story in our blog here) . One day at the kids play zone of the local shopping mall, playing with his 2 year old daughter, he noticed that out of 13 kids, including his own, all kids had socks with some sort of pattern, motif or color. Out of 15 parents, mostly men, only 2 had colorful fun socks!


When (and why) do we loose our inner child and our playfulness and conform to an adult and standardized world where socks needs to be black, grey or white?

It was time to save the world – one man and one pair of socks at the time!

So here we are, trying to convince YOU that you (or your man/son/boss/friend) need these awesome socks of ours! It is like we are Julia Roberts and you are Hugh Grant, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love me! (Wait... What? Notthing Hill? Am I William Thacker?)

We recommend signing up for 12 months and kickstart your awesomeness with 3 pairs of socks in the first shipment (2 pairs FREE)! Free shipping of course! You sign up here!

If you like our logo, affectionately named The Olav, you can read more about him on his own page here.

Super Duper Socks is owned by Thomas Danielsen, a Norwegian guy, living in Riga, Latvia with his family of 5. He is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for socks and all things fun!