Super Duper Socks Company - designed in Norweay, made in Latvia


Norway is the homeland of Vikings, Glaciers, Fjords, Northern Lights and the Cheese Slicer.

Norway is a small country in the very north of planet earth. An amazingly diverse country full of high mountains and deep valleys.

Norway has fostered amazing people like Edvard Much, Roald Amundsen and Kristofer Kivju

A viking is a rugged swordsman and warrior that sailed in wooden ships across oceans 1200 years ago to conquer foreign lands (most likely with more balls than brains).

Super Duper Socks were born in Viking Country of Norway and we drew our first inspiration from the Vikings and the home country of the founder.

Some will claim that also we have more balls than brains as we set out to conquer a crowded niche in the fashion industry with our funky colorful socks. However, the viking blood in our veins keeps us charging forward - fearless and determined.

This, friends, is where we call home. This is where we draw our passion and our persistance from. Welcome to Norway!



If Norway is the home of rugged Vikings, then Latvia is the home of the most beautiful women in the World.

Latvia is a small country - even smaller than Norway - and it is flat, flat, flat. No mountains or fjords and the highest peak is a whopping 312 meters high (1023 feet).

But what they lack in high mountains, the make up with tall women. Actually, according to a BBC NEWS article and a study in 2016, Latvian women are the tallest in the world.

Super Duper Socks are made in Latvia by really pretty blond girls (and a few ugly ones).

How fitting though, that the rugged viking gets its "pretty alibi" from the tallest and prettiest women in the world!

Do not believe us? Check out for yourself. This is a country and a people we have grown to love. Welcome to Latvia!


When we set out to establish Super Duper Socks, we noticed that some brands were doing a lot of celebrity co-branding and collaborations. Nothing wrong with that, we get the power of famous and celebrities (and they are huge brands and have great socks too!).

However, from day one, we wanted our socks to be featured on awesome people like yourself, the man in the street, the boy next door etc! We are not saying that it would not be awesome if Christopher Walken or Channing Tatum would wear our socks. It would be very cool indeed! But these socks were created for you and I in mind! We want you to look awesome, feet up

Our mantra was and still is that we want to make "Funky Socks for Everyday People!"

There are many awesome people out there and we wish we could feature you all! Here is a small selection of awesome people wearing Super Duper Socks!

Welcome to Super Duper Socks!