Many have asked us about our logo and what it means and why. Some people has already drawn a parallell with the Olaf in the Disney film Frost, despite Olaf being a snowman (and the ”moose” is a actually a raindeer by the name of Sven).

Here is the full story:

In 2015, somewhere deep in the forests of Norway, the Super Duper Socks founder and wife had rented a small cabbin for the night. The plan was to relax and enjoy nature and get some perspectives on the new company about to be established.

At dusk we sat at on the porch enjoying the silence and a cup of tea. The stars and the moon were out and we could only see the outlines of the trees of the forrest in front of us.

As we sat there, we see a large figure moving gracefully and carefully into the tiny open space in front of the cabbin. An enormous male moose. Hardly brething, we sat there in awe and admiration. This is something! This is special!

What probably was only a few seconds, felt like an eternity to us. What a moment, what an expericence! So pure, so real, so thrilling and so scary. What a plethora of emotions!

As the moose continue his journey out of our view and into the forest again, we sit there stunned, looking at each other in silence with big eyes and big smiles.

It was this moment idea of The Olav was born (the name came later)!

We agreed right there and then, that a moose had to be in our logo!

As we returned to civilization, we shared our story with our graphics designer. We all agreed that "just a moose" would not be enough and whatever we come up with, needs a bit funkyness to it. It needs to capture the essence and spirit of a funky and fun company that makes colorful socks.

Somehow our designer managed to capture – we feel – the very core of what we want to communicate and what we want to be. A moose with John Lennon sunglasses. Perfect! We instantly fell in love with the draft and the idea. The rest is history, as they say.

But what about the name, you ask?

In Norway, the moose is called ”the king of the forest”. Having witnessed this enormous animal only 3–4 meters away (10–12 feet), we can certainly appreciate why it has gotten its name. OMG!

We wanted to find a suitable name for our mascot and the moose head with john lennon sunglasses logo. We wanted to personalize him and by naming him, we felt we made him more real, like a member of our team!

Norway is a monarchy, stemming back to the time of the vikings. So we knew we needed to find a royal name for our ”king”!

The founder, Thomas Danielsen, was born in 1974. During that time, King Olav V of Norway was the reign king.

We are not going into the full royal history of Norway, so to make a long story short: King Olav V is in Norway generally known as the "People's king". He was immensly popular and despite his blue blood, he often would live as, and interact with everyday people . He would go skiing in the forest slopes with other locals in Oslo or drive his car around town in the car lanes, despite he was allowed to drive in the bus lanes.

To me King Olav V was a great man. A man to admire and man of the people. Proud, wise, fair and down to earth!

It is in his honor we named our mascot and logo Olav.

Thomas Danielsen, founder of Super Duper Socks